Job Description

Laundry Aide

  • Are you an individual who has a passion for managing multiple priorities?
  • Do you like to deliver high quality service?
  • Are you a perfectionist and like things just so?
  • Is your energy high and you connect easily with people?

At Vivage, we’re recognized as a national leader driving high quality service innovation for seniors and value for our investors. Vivage Senior Living is the combined entity of two established Colorado senior housing and post-acute healthcare leaders: Quality Life Management and Piñon Management. "Vivage” means "celebrating aging” inspiring our focus to create innovative and customer-driven models filled with personalized and meaningful living experiences.

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The Laundry Aide will pick up, deliver, sort, weigh, wash, dry, iron, fold, stack, and hang residents and community laundry. In this role, the laundry aide uses household and industrial laundry equipment as well as maintains the cleanliness of laundry areas. The person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current and existing federal and state regulations and established company policy and procedures.



Linen Maintenance Duties:               80% time

  • Wash garments and linens in an electrically-powered washing machine and adjust valves to proper temperature
  • Use soap and other solutions at appropriate times
  • Transfer washed clothes from washer to dryer and to baskets for distribution
  • Hang finished garments on hangers, or fold and stack garments
  • Wear gloves as necessary when handling dirty linens. Wash hands after contact with any soiled linen
  • Wash contaminated linens separately if necessary
  • Avoid overloading machine
  • Be willing to perform routine tasks on a continuous basis and keep up with flow of work
  • Handle, store, process, and transport all linens in a manner that will prevent the spread of infection
  • Weigh laundry and linen for compliance with machine standards
  • Damp-dry clothes in extractor when necessary
  • Understand function of various soaps, bleaches, softeners, and other chemicals employed in washing and rinsing
  • Able to distinguish between cotton, wool, and synthetics
  • Be familiar with proper heat to apply to particular fabrics to prevent damaging material
  • Keep laundry off floor
  • Clean and replace filters in washing machine after each load
  • Remove lint from tumbler and keep tumbler clean
  • Use only the amount of detergent required since this will help maintain a low suds level


Linen Support Duties:             20% time

  • Report malfunctions of equipment
  • Distribute clothes to residents’ rooms
  • Clean laundry area and equipment
  • Ensure that residents’ clothes are properly identified and labeled with indelible ink pen
  • Report losses and damages of resident’s laundry
  • Maintain inventory of linens and laundry supplies



Knowledge of commercial laundry processes, equipment, and procedures for both washing and ironing materials.


Education: High School Diploma or GED preferred                                                                                                 

 Experience: One year of laundry experience preferred; experience with use of household and industrial washers and dryers



  • Walking 3 hours per shift
  • Standing 4-5 hours per shift while cleaning laundry
  • Lifting 1-20# frequently, 21-35# occasionally, 36-70# rarely
  • Pushing 1-20# frequently, 21-35# occasionally, 36-70# rarely
  • Pulling 1-20# frequently, 21-35# occasionally, 36-70# rarely
  • Bending, reaching, squatting, and kneeling, crawling and climbing
  • Use of large and small housekeeping equipment

Vivage is an Equal Opportunity Employer.